Introducing Lipa Fuliza na Bonga: Safaricom’s Innovative Payment Solution

In a move to revolutionize the way customers repay their Fuliza loans, Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications firm, has introduced the Lipa Fuliza na Bonga facility. This innovative payment solution allows Safaricom customers subscribed to the M-Pesa overdraft facility Fuliza to settle their loan balances using Bonga points, adding a new dimension to financial transactions in Kenya’s digital landscape.

Dispelling Past Reports

In December 2023, Safaricom denied media reports suggesting that it was accepting payment of Fuliza loans using Bonga points. At the time, the telecommunications giant clarified that no such avenues were available. However, Safaricom has now taken proactive steps to introduce the Lipa Fuliza na Bonga service, offering customers a convenient and flexible repayment option

In an exclusive interview with, Safaricom revealed key details about the Lipa Fuliza na Bonga facility. The service is accessible to Fuliza subscribers whose loans are past 45 days overdue. Customers can initiate repayment by dialing *126#OK>Lipa Fuliza and following the prompts, provided their outstanding Fuliza balance meets the eligibility criteria.

Utilizing Bonga Points for Repayment

To utilize the Lipa Fuliza na Bonga service, customers must have a minimum of 100 Bonga points. The conversion rate for repayment is set at KSh 0.02, with 5 Bonga points equivalent to KSh 1. Therefore, customers can repay their Fuliza loans at a rate of five Bonga points for every KSh 1 of outstanding balance

Safaricom’s message to subscribers encourages them to explore avenues for acquiring additional Bonga points from friends and family to facilitate loan repayment. This approach not only promotes financial inclusivity but also empowers customers to leverage their social networks to manage their financial obligations effectively.

Addressing Customer Concerns

While the introduction of the Lipa Fuliza na Bonga service has been met with enthusiasm, some customers have raised concerns about delayed loan repayment despite making prompt deposits. Safaricom has assured customers that such situations are rare and may occur only under specific circumstances, such as receiving the Hustler Fund within the last 24 hours

With the launch of Lipa Fuliza na Bonga, Safaricom continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By integrating Bonga points into the Fuliza repayment process, Safaricom offers customers greater flexibility and convenience, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in Kenya’s digital payments ecosystem.

[Source:, by Wycliffe Musalia]

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