Behind the Lens: How Director Vinie is Shaping the Future of Film in Kakuma

Meet Erupe Vincent Nakoi, a 24-year-old film enthusiast who resides in Kakuma, Kenya. Nakoi, affectionately known as Director Vinie, boasts a rich background in music video production, where his distinctive shooting techniques as a videographer, director, and editor have captivated audiences in Kakuma and beyond.

The Journey Begins: Nakoi’s Passion for Film

Nakoi's love affair with film traces back to 2019 when he made the pivotal decision to relocate to Kakuma, Kenya, to pursue his passion for the cinematic arts. It was here that he began his journey towards mastering the craft of filmmaking.

In 2021, Nakoi’s dedication to his craft led him to enroll in FilmAid Kenya’s Media Class, a rigorous nine-month film training program. This immersive experience provided Nakoi with the opportunity to hone his skills and expand his knowledge in the realm of filmmaking.

Film as an Artform: Nakoi’s Vision

To Nakoi, film is more than just a profession; it's a powerful medium for storytelling, education, empowerment, and amplifying the voices of the marginalized. Through his work, Nakoi endeavors to shed light on important societal issues and give a platform to those who have been silenced..

Over the years, Nakoi has honed his craft and collaborated with both local and international filmmakers, earning accolades for his exceptional skills as a cinematographer. His unwavering professionalism and passion for the arts have solidified his reputation as one of Kakuma’s most promising talents

┬áDreams of Impact: Nakoi’s Aspirations

Despite his achievements, Nakoi remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence. His ultimate dream is to become one of the best cinematographers in the industry, bringing home prestigious awards and elevating the culture of filmmaking in Kakuma and Turkana as a whole.

Making Waves: Nakoi’s Recent Projects

Nakoi recently lent his talents to a feature film called "Nawi," shot in Turkana. Serving as an Assistant Camera Person, Nakoi impressed the professional film crew from Germany with his raw talent and impeccable skills behind the camera

Looking ahead, Nakoi is determined to leverage his talent and expertise to effect positive change in his community. He aims to tell the untold stories of Turkana and uplift aspiring artists from Kakuma and Turkana, recognizing them as the driving force behind the region’s burgeoning arts scene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What inspired Nakoi to pursue a career in filmmaking?

Nakoi’s passion for film was ignited by his desire to use storytelling as a means of education, empowerment, and social change

How did Nakoi’s training with FilmAid Kenya shape his career?

Nakoi’s experience with FilmAid Kenya provided him with invaluable skills and knowledge, laying the foundation for his success in the film industry.

What sets Nakoi apart as a filmmaker?

Nakoi is renowned for his exceptional skills as a cinematographer, his professionalism, and his unwavering dedication to his craft.

What are Nakoi’s aspirations for the future?

Nakoi dreams of becoming one of the best cinematographers in the industry and hopes to elevate the culture of filmmaking in Kakuma and Turkana.

How does Nakoi plan to empower his community through film?

Nakoi aims to tell the stories of Turkana and uplift aspiring artists from Kakuma and Turkana, recognizing them as the future of the region’s arts scene.

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