The 12 Rules That Will Better Your Marriage

Marriage is a partnership that thrives on mutual understanding and agreement. Misunderstandings often arise from a lack of clear communication and consensus on key issues. By setting and adhering to certain rules, couples can navigate their relationship more smoothly, avoiding hurt, insensitivity, rejection, and indifference. Here are 12 essential rules to consider for a harmonious marriage

Sex Rules

Sex is a crucial aspect of marriage, but it’s essential to agree on sexual boundaries. Discuss what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. For instance, you might agree to avoid anal sex, not use pornography, or refrain from making love during monthly periods. These agreements ensure that both partners feel respected and understood in their intimate life.

Phone Rules

Phones can be a significant source of conflict if not managed properly. Agree on how to handle phone usage. For example, avoid chatting with others past 11 PM, as that time should be reserved for intimacy. Be open about who’s calling and avoid secrecy by not walking away when taking calls. Transparency fosters trust and eliminates suspicion.

Money Rules

Financial disagreements can strain any relationship. Agree on how to use money by discussing whether to have a joint bank account, what percentage each can spend without informing the other, and who pays for which bills. Make decisions together about saving, investing, and giving money to in-laws, ensuring both voices are heard and respected.

Coming Home Rules

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you might come home late. Agree on what to do in such cases. Should you make a phone call? How late is too late? Setting these expectations helps manage each other’s anxieties and ensures that neither feels neglected or disrespected.

Social Rules

Friendships outside the marriage need boundaries. Agree to introduce each other to your friends and decide on the appropriate closeness with friends of the opposite gender. Establish how often friends can visit and maintain your home’s privacy. Boundaries keep your relationship secure and your home peaceful.

Information Rules

Transparency is key. Agree to notify each other of your whereabouts and share your daily schedule. A simple text can keep your spouse in the loop, reducing worry and fostering a sense of partnership and inclusion.

Temper Rules

Conflicts are inevitable, but how you handle them matters. Agree on what to do when you get mad. Some couples prefer giving each other space, while others might choose to resolve issues immediately. Decide together and make a rule not to go to bed angry. Effective conflict resolution strengthens your bond.

Chore Rules

Household chores can become a source of resentment if not equally shared. Agree on who does what to ensure that neither feels overburdened. Clear division of labor makes daily life smoother and more balanced.

Social Media Rules

Social media can be a minefield for relationships. Agree on the do’s and don’ts: no befriending exes, no suggestive comments, and no airing domestic issues online. Respecting each other’s privacy and maintaining decorum online protects your relationship from unnecessary drama.

Work Rules

Balancing work and home life is crucial. Agree on the limits of work—avoid bringing work home, manage conflicting schedules, and plan when to take leave together. This ensures that work doesn’t overshadow your time together.

Parenthood Rules

Parenting requires teamwork. Agree on how to discipline the children and share responsibilities like attending parents’ days at school. Decide on the kind of food the children will eat and other essential parenting duties. A united approach to parenting provides a stable environment for your children.

Individual Space Rules

Everyone needs personal space. Agree that it’s okay to want alone time for work, meditation, or relaxation. Communicate your need for space to your spouse, who will respect your request, understanding that it’s essential for your well-being.


Agreeing on these 12 key issues brings order, peace, and unity to a marriage. Both partners know what to expect and how to behave, preventing chaos and misunderstandings. If your marriage feels chaotic due to a lack of order, it’s never too late to have a conversation leading to agreement on these issues. Simplify your marriage by setting clear, mutual expectations.

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