The Importance of Preserving Culture: A Reflection on ‘I am Beautiful’ Poem by Teny Luka

In the poem “I am Beautiful” by @Teny Luka, the poet highlights the profound beauty and importance of culture. Described as a force that shapes families, homes, countries, and the world, culture remains vibrant and essential, even in the face of neglect. The poem calls for preserving cultural heritage, emphasizing its role in fostering unity and togetherness across different communities. By celebrating and safeguarding culture, we can nurture a sense of pride and responsibility, ensuring that our rich traditions and stories endure for future generations.

Celebrating Cultural Beauty: “I am Beautiful”

"I am Beautiful" 

I'm a beautiful family maker ,
I'm a beautiful home maker,
I'm a beautiful country maker ,
I'm a beautiful world maker ,

Through human minds and activities I die slowly
No one save or preserve me slowly
A few struggling to preserve me
I'm here , I'm there
I'm a culture.

Through my belly great stories are born
Look now am here alive
How beautiful do I look in your eyes?
What joys do you have for me ?
I still exist in my all colors and beauty in Kakuma.

Preserve me like you do to your money
Preserve me like Elon musk spaceX research
I dwell in Kakuma land of great stories,land of innovative people
Can you preserve me ,here in Kakuma for generation to come?

Without me life is meaningless,
With me we achieve togetherness
All religions and races embrace me
Black or white practice me
When you do that every day will be a blessing day.

I'm a beautiful family maker
I'm a beautiful home maker
I'm a beautiful country maker
I'm a beautiful world maker
I'm here I'm there
I'm a culture.

That why am here today and that is why.

By Teny Luka

Insights from the Poem

Theme of Culture:

The poem emphasizes the importance and beauty of culture, describing it as a family maker, home maker, country maker, and world maker. It highlights culture’s role in shaping societies and the collective identity of people.

Preservation of Culture

There is a plea for the preservation of culture, comparing its importance to preserving money or advanced scientific research. The poet underscores that despite challenges and neglect, culture remains vibrant and essential, especially in places like Kakuma.

Cultural Heritage

The poem suggests that cultural heritage is rich and alive, deserving of respect and care. It implies that culture is a living entity that thrives in stories, traditions, and innovations of people.

Unity and Togetherness

Culture brings together different religions, races, and communities, promoting unity and togetherness. It is a source of shared joy and meaning in life

How the Poem Can Improve Lives

  1. Awareness and Appreciation: The poem can raise awareness about the importance of cultural preservation. By appreciating the value of culture, individuals might be inspired to engage more actively in preserving their cultural heritage.
  2. Community Engagement: Highlighting the unity that culture brings can encourage people to participate in cultural activities, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.
  3. Intergenerational Responsibility: The poem calls for the preservation of culture for future generations. This can motivate people to document and pass on their traditions, ensuring that cultural knowledge and practices are not lost.
  4. Cultural Pride: By celebrating the beauty and significance of culture, the poem can instill pride in individuals about their cultural identity, promoting a positive self-image and respect for others.
  5. Innovation and Creativity: The reference to Kakuma as a land of innovative people suggests that culture can be a source of inspiration for creativity and innovation. This can encourage individuals to draw from their cultural background in their creative endeavors

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